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Creative Chemistry

Exploring the timeless beauty of oxidation: Sanne Terweij (Amsterdam, 1984) presents artworks that fuse classical and contemporary elements, embracing colour and craftsmanship by using tried-and-true materials in a refreshingly new way. 


Through her mesmerising colourful wall objects Terweij presents a unique form of design, alchemically transforming metals into timeless art pieces that harmoniously blend geometric shapes with the organic movement of oxides. 


In her studio, she experiments with various chemical processes and artistic interventions, breathing life into metals like copper  and brass while exploring the oxidative properties of her materials. 

Oxidation is an unpredictable process and only partially controllable. Navigating these paths leads her on a constant quest for balance; a journey of finding acceptance in what is, and changing what she deems necessary. 

This creative chemistry, unfolding on the hundreds of hand cut shapes that make up her works, ensure that no two works are ever the same.


It is the treasures within her material, in colour as well as in texture and reflection, that Terweij is looking for.  Transition is a common thread, and her process reveals her deep rooted love for old school craftsmanship. 

She finds that the little imperfections you see when something is handmade, really give each piece its own character.

Her preference for unconventional materials and her often bold use of colour  make for unique and recognizable pieces. 


The path of her artistic journey, rooted in creative entrepreneurship for film and hospitality, has led her to specialise in the art of ageing and patina techniques. 

Her ability to harness the unpredictable, infusing it with intention and skill, yields layered landscapes of oxidation that encapsulate the fleeting beauty of the world around us. 

Her works' surfaces reflect and shimmer with the play of light and the changing perspective of the viewer, offering them an enchanting visual experience that transcends time. 


“In capturing the enigmatic beauty that nature gives us, I seek to create artworks that serve as a reminder to also appreciate the small moments we too often take for granted“


While some things become more valuable as they age, other ageing processes are viewed as diminishing. 

The process of oxidation, more often seen as undesirable and depreciating, is being employed here to achieve exactly the opposite; to add unique value and character. 


Beauty and value are both elements that can evolve and change with time, often interlinked.

At first glance, the brushed copper pieces appear shiny and unblemished, but upon closer inspection, you can also observe the traces that time has left on them; scratches and dents that don't take away from their beauty, but rather, give them a unique character.

Terweij’s  artworks invite viewers to contemplate the transience of beauty and to look beyond that initial glance.


Her (bespoke) wall objects have already found their way to collectors, designers and galleries worldwide, and recently she received the Rising Talent Award by Maison et Objet ( sept 2022 ),  solidifying her position as an artist to watch.

Exhibitions and Fairs



March 27 - April 1 , KUNSTRAI , Mick Agence, Amsterdam

April  15 - 21,  Isola Design, Milaan Design Week, Milaan

May 29 - June 2, Amsterdam Art Week, Mick Agence

Sept 5 - 9 , Maison et Objet, Paris

Okt 9-13, AAF Amsterdam


January 19 - 23 , Maison & Objet, Paris

February 9 - 12,  AAF Brussels, Brussels

March 11 - 12, Art(s)Gallery Simone Jansen, Noordwijk

May 3 - 7, KUNSTRAI Amsterdam - booth Galerie Helder

May - June, Groupshow Galerie Helder, Den Haag

July 7 - 9, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, North Sea Jazz 

Sept 5 - Nov 25, Rosewood Le Crillon, Paris 

Sept 7 - 11, Maison & Objet, Paris

Okt 4 - Feb, Ted Noten&Co, Museum Jan, Amstelveen NL

Okt 5 - 8, AAF Stockholm

Nov 1 - 5, AAF Amsterdam

Nov 9 - 13, The Salon NY, New York



March 23 - 27 , Affordable Art Fair, Brussels

April 1 - June 27, Art'otel Gallery, Amsterdam

June 11 -July 9 , Gallerie Helder, Den Haag

June , Rolling Art Show, Amsterdam

August 25 -28, NockNock Art Fair, Amsterdam

September 8-12, Maison&Objet , Paris

September 8-12, Royal Dutch Embassy, Paris Design Week

September 29- Oktober 23, Kervyn Gallery , Gent

Oktober 27 - 30 , Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

Partners and Galleries


MICK Agence - Amsterdam 

Rep Ringel Art - Apeldoorn

Galerie Helder - Den Haag

Art Company - Eindhoven





Selected Publications and Press:

Ateliers D'Art Magazine - 2 Page portrait, September/August 2022

FRAME online - Article Rising Talent Awards

RESIDENCE online - Announcement Rising Talent Awards

Gallery Viewer online  - Interview  Q&A by Manuela Klerkx

GROHE X - Video Docu Drop of the netherlands , short interview 

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