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Creative Chemistry


Green, purple, orange and teal;  colours are everywhere in vibrantly oxidized textures on the pieces of copper and brass that are laying around in different stages of transformation.

This is what we see when we enter the studio of Sanne Terweij.


With her roots in creative entrepreneurship as a decorator/artist for hospitality and film industry, she has spent years specialising in aging and patina techniques.

She currently  focuses on the use of metals such as brass and copper, of which the reflective surfaces shimmer and constantly change with the moving light and the position of the viewer. 


In exploring the oxidative properties of her materials, she sets to work with various chemical processes and interventions to create her wall sculptures in mesmerizing colour schemes. 

Pure and unpolished, the oxidized shapes form a contrast with their shiny and brushed counterparts. They are then pieced together into timeless works that show her perception of the world around us.

In her current body of work she  is experimenting with different hues and gradients to capture fleeting moments and to investigate the effect a colour can have on the psyche.


It’s the treasures of the material, in colour as well as in texture and reflection, that Terweij ( Amsterdam, 1984 ) is looking for. 

Transition is a common thread, and her process reveals her deep-rooted love for old school craftmanship.

“I feel that the little imperfections you see when something is handmade, really give each piece its own character”


The ever-changing process of oxidation, in combination with the hundreds of hand cut shapes that make up her works, ensure that no two works are ever the same.


Her ( bespoke ) wall objects  have already found their ways to collectors, designers  and galleries worldwide, and she has recently received the Rising Talent Award by Maison&Objet ( sept. 2022 )

Her preference for unconventional materials and her often bold use of colour make for unique and recognizable pieces.

 Exhibitions 2022 

March 23 - 27 , Affordable Art Fair, Brussels

April 1 - June 27, Art'otel Gallery, Amsterdam

June 11 -July 9 , Gallerie Helder, Den Haag

June , Rolling Art Show, Amsterdam

August 25 -28, NockNock Art Fair, Amsterdam

September 8-12, Maison&Objet , Paris

September 8-12, Royal Dutch Embassy, Paris Design Week

September 29- Oktober 23, Kervyn Gallery , Gent

Oktober 27 - 30 , Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam


Galleries - Partners :
Rep Ringel Art          -       Apeldoorn
Art Company             -       Eindhoven
Kunst & Co                 -       Amstelveen 
NockNock Art           -       Amsterdam
Galerie Helder           -       Den Haag
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