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Care and installation instructions

Each artwork is crafted by hand in our studio in Zaandam, the Netherlands, resulting in a unique piece. As these are works made out of hundreds of pieces of various metals, in which the oxidation process and transition has been started and accelerated. Some changes or alterations to the artwork may occur over time, this is part of the living character of the artwork.

To ensure that your artwork remains in its optimal condition, we have provided the following care and installation instructions for your convenience below.

  • Please avoid touching the artworks with your bare hands, as the oils, fats, and acids present on your skin can be harmful. Even though the works are varnished, it is recommended to prevent touching them. When installing the artwork, please use white cotton gloves.

  • Take care not to scuff or rub the oxidized parts of the work during installation, even when wearing gloves. The oxidized textures might be delicate beneath the surface.

  • We recommend using the provided French Cleat mounting system for installation. This system evenly distributes the weight, ensures the artwork remains flat against the wall, and provides a stable and sturdy installation. Use wall anchors as needed to secure the wall part of the cleat.

  • Avoid installing, keeping, or storing the artworks in excessively humid environments. High humidity can accelerate changes in the artwork's patina. If you are up for an experiment it can definitely be exciting, be aware that changes may occur faster than usual.

  • To clean the artwork, gently dust it off with specialized dusters such as a Swiffer duster. Do not use detergents, moisture, cleaning agents, or any other cleaning tools or cloths.

  • For any blemishes on the black steel frame only, please use the provided hardwax. Apply a small quantity to a clean cloth and lightly rub it on the frame. WARNING: After use, soak the used cloth thoroughly in water and dispose of it immediately or let it air dry in a fire-safe place. If left uncleaned and unattended, it could potentially spontaneously burn.

  • Avoid exposing the artwork to water at all times to prevent it from water damage.

  • It is advisable to avoid hanging or placing the artwork near direct heat sources or in areas where excessive sunlight can cause overheating. This can lead to expansion and contraction of the metal, potentially damaging the artwork.

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